How To Build A Website With WordPress VPS Hosting For Your Charity

Charities, especially if they are just starting out, can find it difficult to promote their goals and objectives of their fundraising efforts. One of the best ways to get your message across to the masses is to have a website. This way the public can access your information at any time of day in any place at their own leisure. Building a website should be one of the first objectives on your list when building the website. Here is how to get started with WordPress VPS Hosting.

Building a website can be a daunting task for those who have never dabbled in web design before, especially if you have little budget to begin with. Around 10% of all fundraising happens online now which shows the massive opportunity for your charity that you just cannot afford to ignore. Here are some useful tips on how to build your website if you are new to web design and creation.

WordPress VPS Hosting

Set Your Goals

With any business it is important to set your initial goals and targets to aim for – this way you will know how successful you have been in time down the line. Make sure you consider what the website’s focus is on – to gather donations or give information on events and what the charity does, or both? Make sure the website is maintained and improved on a regular basis – this way you will keep your audience more engaged and essentially raise more money!

WordPress VPS Hosting

Choose A Smart Domain Name

You should keep SEO in mind when choosing your domain name. Obviously the name of your charity should be in the domain but ensure it is easily read and remembered. Most charities use ‘.org’ which is recognised worldwide as a charity.

WordPress VPS Hosting

Chose The Right Website Builder For you – WordPress VPS Hosting

WordPress is an excellent platform if you are new to web design and with WordPress VPS hosting, this will give you the support you need to begin your online journey.

WordPress VPS Hosting

Decide on a Design

You will want to keep your website as much as on brand as possible so that you will be more recognisable. WordPress will prompt you to choose a theme and will help you set it up if you are new to web design.

To begin your website you will initially need to set up:

  • An About Us Page
  • A Contact Us Page
  • A Blog Page
  • A How To Volunteer With Us Page
  • An Events Page