The Fallout Of Brexit

Brexit has become one of the most commonly used words over in the UK in the wake of the referendum to leave the EU. in 2017 Great Britain voted to leave the european union and doing so caused widespread political debate , media speculation and controversy across the world. So to patch together the effect this has had on the UK and its population overall we will discuss brexit in this article and what impact it has had so far.

What Does Brexit Mean For The UK?

Brexit means a number of different things for the UK. One of the most noticeable is a considerable shift in attitudes in politics with many supporting UKIP although having said this in the wake of the referendum nigel farage (UKIP’s former leader) stood down after proclaiming he had fufilled his duty. However 29th March passed and Britain did not formally leave.

Negotiations continue to agree the terms of Britain’s formal departure from the EU. However the people of Britain were promised and quick and orderly exit as part of the Brexit campaign and so understandably there has been much discontentment from the British public around Brexit.

Brexit covers a number of different issues from immigration to trade , laws and human rights. There is a lot of legislation involved in the whole process. When UKIP gained support they promised to cut immigration and leave the free movement agreeement which europe had. One of the main arguments was that foreign immigration was affecting job numbers within the UK which led to many heated debates and in some cases unfortunately hate crimes occurred.

What Has Happened So Far?

In a sense a whole lot of nothing. An extension has been made with the EU to extend the time needed to secure a deal until October 2019. Meanwhile there is political turmoil within the UK. There has been a vote of no confidence against prime minister Theresa May which she won , additionally there have been numerous protests at the way the government handled the entire process. Frustration has spilled out onto social media as well with politicians in some extreme cases getting death threats online.

However amongst this political turmoil and uncertainty there has been some positives. The Government has listened in some regards to the Public and is now taking more time to consider their position on Brexit. However time will tell whether or not they successfully delivered Brexit.

What Might The Impact Be Of Brexit

Many are unsure of what the full impact of Brexit may be on the UK. It was recently announced that UK citizens may have to pay for international driving license. Another potential effect of Brexit could be the value of the pound. Originally when Brexit was announced as taking place the value of the pound dropped. However it quickly gained traction again and levelled out in a matter of months.

Many of us are uncertain as to what the full implications of Brexit may be for the UK and europe. Time will tell as to what impact will be had. However what certainly can be concluded is that a new more inclusive political approach consulting the general public is needed in order to deliver brexit effectively.