How Orthodontists Glasgow Have Helped Mental Health

Dentistry and mental health isn’t really something you might think have a a lot in common. However , in Scotland orthodontists Glasgow based are helping to improve the lives of many people. They do this simply by doing their job. Anxiety about appearance and teeth can be a big issue. Especially for teenagers and kids. So through this article we will explore the relationship between orthodontists and mental health.

Orthodontists Glasgow

Why Orthodontists Glasgow?

Many of you may be wondering why Glasgow in particular has made a sizeable impact on us. This is because Orthodontists Glasgow has are some of the best in the field and excel in their role. When we visited Glasgow last summer we conducted a survey and found that over half of schoolkids are concerned about their appearance. Teeth were included in this and many kids expressed their dislike of braces. However when we explained the functionality of braces and how they stop stunted teeth the kids changed their minds entirely. What is clear is that kids growing up in Glasgow don’t want to be different from the others and they may experience bullying as a result of teeth deformities.

Orthodontists Glasgow

How Do Orthodontists Glasgow Affect Mental Health?

Orthdontists in Glasgow can benefit mental health in a number of different ways:

  • Preventive work to prevent disfigurement or tooth loss can help boost the confidence of the individual having the treatment
  • Orthodontists can explain fully what dental work needs to be done and for what purpose. This can ease anxiety and help patients to be calm and relaxed as they feel they are in safe hands
  • Effective work by the Orthodontist can give patients new found confidence in their teeth and smile.

What May Deter People From Orthodontists?

Orthodontists Glasgow

Many people have an irrational fear of dentists or othodontists. This can be for a number of reasons. In rare cases it can be rational fear as they may have had a botched operation or tooth removal in the past. However the majority of the time people are deterred from going due to not knowing what to expect or the potential of pain. Apprehension plays a big part in this as people may be apprehensive and anxious to find out what work they may need done on their teeth.

A way in which dentists and orthodontists alike can prevent this is by talking patients through each step of the process. In addition to this reports can be sent to them to let them know of potential progress or changes. As with anything health related people are often concerned with what changes may be needed to their lifestyle or routine and this can often throw people.

Overall Conclusions On Orthodontists Glasgow

Orthodontists Glasgow

It can be summarised that on the whole orthodontists play a vital and important role in many peoples lifes. Without their preventive action and skill many people may suffer from pain , disfigurement infection and in some cases losing all their teeth.

From what we have learned about Orthodontists it is certain that Orthodontists Glasgow has are well trained and informed. The majority of patients and schoolkids we surveyed were very happy with work done and felt at ease in the clinic. The link between Orthodontists and mental health is an important one as even small changes to boost someones mental health can make a big difference in the long run.