How Charities Can Use Technology

The Race is on a reward has been offered ($100) to try and work out how to boot XP on the new Mac. I’m not really sure why but if people are willing to pay $2500 for a nice note book and then run XP with poor driver support and what’s sure to be and unstable experience then good luck to them. If they want to pay someone to show them how to introduce windows headaches into an otherwise pleasant experience then good luck to them.

Increased Quality

An increase in the quality of the XP drivers will result in a huge increase in the quality of output from the laptops as a result. Laptops are now a critical element of every day society never mind business. Society now revolves around the use of laptops, in the form of social media in the form of blogging and now particularly the increase of the popularity of vlogging. There can be no question that laptops are now a crucial element of everyday life and the introduction of a dual booting WinXP and OSX can play a huge role in speeding up the communication process within the industry.

Speeding Up Process

Speeding up the process of the processor of laptops will be a critical factor in ensuring that people continue to embrace laptops as an everyday component of their lives. It is crucial that people continue to utilise laptops on a daily basis otherwise they can be drastically impacted by not being able to communicate as quickly as they possibly could. Communication is the most important skill which humans possess, and evolution has proved us to be the best at it without question. Communication is so important in any culture around the world, and laptops make communication far easier than it ever was before. Therefore, speeding up this process is undoubtedly extremely good for society.

Photo of Group of People in a Meeting

Use For Businesses

These improvements are undoubtedly set to greatly improve the way that businesses use these technologies to conduct their everyday operations. The way that these technologies works tends to greatly enhance the way their business is perceived by improving the ways which businesses engage with their firm and how they operate. It is crucial that people are able to relate to the way a business is being run and they perceive the company to be ethically sound otherwise this can have a detrimental impact upon the effectiveness of the company at attracting new consumers.

Man Using the Laptop Computer

Power Of Morales

It is so important for companies to place themselves in the best position possible for them to ensure the way that they are looked upon by potential consumers is as positive as possible. It is inconceivable in these modern times for a business to not place the upmost importance on how there are thought of with regards to their ethics which are in place by the company. Companies must now take the necessary steps to ensure that they are perceived as equally ethical or more sustainable than their competitors.

How To Improve Your Fitness And Wellbeing

Fitness and overall well being are two things within our day to day lives many of us neglect. Generally this is not by choice and the day to day rush of work and other tasks can get in the way of staying fit and healthy as well as being mentally fulfilled and happy. In this article we will explore the different day to day challenges people in society face and what can be done to overcome these challenges.


Money is something all of us use normally on a day to day basis. In order to manage money better there is a number of different things that can be done. For many of us money seems to come and go as quick as it is paid in it is gone again. One way in which to save money is to budget your weekly or monthly spending. Budgeting is an excellent way in which to help keep track of your spending as well as enable you to put money away for a rainy day. Money is arguably one of the biggest bugbears of people day to day.

A lack of money can lead to a decline in mental health or overall well being as a person may become stressed if they have bills to pay and no means to pay them. Another way in which to help with money problems is to start putting a small amount of money away in different savings accounts. Having one for emergencies and another for items you’re looking to buy in future is a good way to manage your money


Your fitness and health are two very important characteristics. There are a number of different ways in which your overall fitness and health can be improved. One simple way in which you do this is by cycling or walking to work. Even a small commute to work by foot or bicycle can greatly increase your overall fitness and help to prevent future health problems. Another way in which you can improve your fitness is by getting a gym membership and visiting the gym before or after work.

This can help you to work towards your fitness goals and add structure to your day to day routine. Our health and fitness is something that can decline over time and so it is important to keep on top of it in order to live and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Fitness and well being is also closely linked to mental health and studies have shown people who are fitter having better mental health in some cases.

Overall Well being And Conclusions

Overall there are a number of different ways in which you can improve your overall wellbeing. Having an active and healthy lifestyle is important for physical just as much as mental health. In addition to this having structure and organisation to your life can greatly enhance your day to day routine. Planning ahead and budgeting for holidays or items can help to save difficulties in the long run and is the most effective option.

Social anxiety: improving skills should be part of treatment

People with social anxiety (or social phobia) need to improve their social skills to break the cycle of social rejection, according to recent research published in the British Journal of Clinical Psychology .

Previous research has indicated that people with social anxiety are considered less friendly, less friendly and less comfortable to contact than people who are not as anxious.

In this research from Maastricht University, people with social phobia were observed during two social tasks: speaking in front of a group and participating in a conversation to get to know each other. Observers and participants reported how they felt about people who were socially anxious.

People with social anxiety did not perform well in these situations and their poor performance led observers to have negative feelings towards them, leading to rejection.

“The fear of rejection is one of the central issues for people who suffer from social anxiety, but we have found that their anxious behavior causes rejection,” says Marisol Voncken, lead author.

These people would need help finding ways to be less self-centered and should be encouraged to socialize with people with similar characteristics and interests, says Voncken. 

People who suffer from social phobia (also called social anxiety) are particularly sensitive to negative comments about themselves, confirms a recent research published in the journal Archives of General Psychiatry .

It is the most common anxiety disorder in the general population with a lifetime prevalence of 13.3% and is associated with a higher risk of depression, drug and alcohol abuse, and suicide.

Previous studies have shown differences in how the brain responds to facial expressions in people with this disorder, suggesting a greater response to social stimuli in emotion-related regions. The new study shows greater responsiveness to critics.

Karina Blair and her colleagues compared images of brain activity in 17 people with the disorder and 17 people who did not have it. Images were taken while participants were reading positive comments (you are beautiful), negative (you are awful), or neutral (you are a human) about them or someone else (he is handsome).

Participants with social phobia exhibited greater activation in the medial prefrontal cortex (a region related to self-concept) and the amygdala (related to fear, anxiety, and stress response) by reading negative comments about themselves. There was no difference with the comparison group in response to positive and neutral comments or about others.

“Since the regions of the medial prefrontal cortex are involved in self representations (self-concept), it is possible that these regions, along with the amygdala, play a prominent role in the development and maintenance of phobia. and that the pathology in this disorder reflects, at least partially, a negative attitude towards oneself, especially in connection with criticism, “the authors conclude. 

How to overcome social anxiety?

1) Become aware of the automatic beliefs and thoughts that sustain this anxiety and work to change them. For example: I am not interesting for others. My image is not good. I will forget what I have to say. We’ll realize that I’m nervous, I’m going to look stupid, etc.

2) Identify social skills that need to be improved (engage and maintain conversations, make requests, receive reproaches and express disagreement or dissatisfaction, learn to congratulate, thank, etc.) and read to learn the practical ways to proceed.

3) Make a list of goals for improving social contacts according to their level of difficulty . Evaluate on a scale of 1 to 10 the level of difficulty of different social contacts. For example: exchange a few words with the cashier at the convenience store, exchange a few words with a co-worker or his boss, invite a client to dinner, go to the office party, etc. Of course it can be easier said than done for some. Check this out if you still feel stuck.

It is important to start by working on the easiest goals. This allows you to develop your skills and gradually overcome the feeling of anxiety by progressing successfully. It may be helpful to be prepared to deal with certain situations by visualizing in advance, when relaxed, how one can proceed in these situations as often as it takes to be comfortable enough with the idea of confront this situation. (Relaxation techniques)